When we founded Churnless in 2009, we didn't quite know what we were building.

We wanted to create products that helped people lead better lives by serving their authentic needs. We wanted to work with people who were passionate about their roles and the bigger picture. And we wanted to have variety in our work, to solve more than just one problem.

Two years later, after growing from the two of us to a profitable company of more than twenty, we took stock of what we'd accomplished. We had a portfolio of incubated startups, a long roster of repeat clients, and a growing family of diverse, dedicated professionals.

But as partners, we were ready for the next challenge. Ready to start working on just one thing again, to throw our shoulders to the wheel and make the world move. So we've decided to sell Churnless.

It was a wonderful two years, full of failures and successes and plenty of growth. Thank you to all who journeyed with us and we'll be seeing you again.

- Matt and Avi